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Affordable utility billing software system designed for small to medium sized rural and municipal utilities In addition to water charges, the system handles sewer, refuse, as well as user-defined charges.

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Three different versions of the system to fit your needs


Unlimited number of customers & rate structures


Great customer support and video tutorials


Online billing to save both time and money



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  • Flexible rate structure & modifiable bill formats

  • Online bill pay and email billing

  • Transaction rollback capability

  • Print mailing labels & demand letters



  • Adaptable and user friendly software

  • Automatic month end close out

  • Historical billing and account history reports

  • Deposits, cash transactions and adjustment reports



Tak was founded in 1983. TAK is a New Mexico Corporation and parent company to Quikwater. TAK specializes in providing software and computer systems, with an emphasis on specialized software modules, system integration, and training.
The staff at TAK Technology works hand in hand with other vendors to provide you with the best possible solution. Please check out the links below to learn more about some of the companies that we work with who are also leaders in their respective industries.
Together, TAK Technology and our partners provide customers around the country with industry-leading solutions and services that address water utility needs.

Deploy the world-class QUIKWATER product plus the extended capabilities of our partners who can address your specific utility needs.
Whether you are a small business or a large national organization our partners can help you meet your needs.






​Designed to provide a billing and collection mechanism for the basic water utility, along with advanced features that include bar charts of water usage, water loss reporting, and on screen increase/decrease usage calculations. Charge items include water base charge, water usage charge, account adjustments, service charges and taxes.

In addition to printing the bills, which are a post card style, QUIKWATER ULTRA-LITE prints both demand type letters and a cut off notice, as well as mailing labels for your customers. The demand letters and cut off notices can be edited using the report generator built into


Other features such as the Membership receivables and Membership bill printing, along with document tracking capabilities for each customer, make QUIKWATER ULTRA-LITE an outstanding value.

For those utilities that may outgrow the ULTRA-LITE product, upgrades to the Rural or Net5 products are easy and can be applied in a matter of a few minutes, with no investment loss.



​Designed to provide a billing and collection mechanism for a water utility company that includes charges for water, sewer, and refuse, as well as customized recurring charge items and service tickets, receipt printing, interfaces with meter readers system and exports to external accounting systems.

A variety of bill formats are available in the Rural product. Print demand type letters, cut off notices and mailing labels, all of which can be edited using the built in report generator.

Included in the Rural product is a Service Ticket subsystem from which you can automatically bill parts and labor for field related repairs and system improvements. Other features such as tracking of water rights documents, customer file archive and Membership receivables and bill printing make QUIKWATER RURAL a versatile system.

For those utilities that may outgrow the ULTRA-LITE product, upgrades to the Rural or Net5 products are easy and automatic.  In most cases customized billing formats are also upgraded. The upgrade guarantees that your investment in QuikWater is not lost.



If you are looking for the complete software to take care of all your utility billing needs then NET5 is the version for you. From mulit-meter billing to emailing bills to your customers. With unlimited adjustment capabilities, unlimited number of rate codes to using the iPad interface to record you readings. This version of Quikwater does it all!


Included in the NET5 version is the ACH banking interface and texting to delinquent customers to make sure their water service is not interrupted. We also have online billing to make it convenience for the customers to pay their bills.

Meter history tracking with failure information by model number, meter multipliers from X10, X100 to X1000, interfaces to Quickbooks and other accounting programs are just a few of the many features of NET5. If you are looking for a software to do it all then NET5 is the perfect software for you!

Net5 gives you all the tools you need to get the work done quick and easy.





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Quikwater offered me the exact product I needed for a small water company. Immediately the support staff there made me feel like family! The instructions are so easy to follow, but any questions you have, they are right there for you and so happy to help! I love love love

Carol Bradley
Staff Accountant
Timber Knoll DWID



My company has been using QuikWater for over 10 years. I really appreciate that it has great customer support. We are able to reach an associate personally on a daily basis. We looked at other company's and the prices were much more expensive, which makes it cost prohibitive for small water systems. Their program is simple enough for people like me, who are not computer experts, to navigate! I am a very satisfied customer!

Carole Bouchard Manager/OperatorRincon Water Consumers Co-op

"Learned the system quickly"

The system allows the fewest number of key strokes to enter information into the data base. Using the "tab" key to move directly to the next field makes data entry fast. The reports are well designed including the invoice. I have modified the invoice to include some information specific items.

David Sturlin
Chairman of the Board
Baker Water & Sewer GID



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-800-240-7113 or fill out the following form

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P.O BOX 285

Los Ojos, NM 87551

4700 Lincoln NE Suite 113

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Support: 1-800-240-7113

Sales: 1-866-238-7771

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm MST

Get a quote: 1-866-238-7771

TAK Technology makes every effort to ensure the content contained within your quote is complete and accurate. TAK Technology reserves the right to correct any error or omission related to price, product and prices, the terms and conditions that follow either on this or separate pages.
Prices quoted herein do not reflect sale or use taxes imposed by any state or local government, or any unit or subdivision thereof, which taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer agrees to be responsible for the documentation relating to the payment of such taxes to the maximum extent legally permitted. TAK Technology will be responsible for the collection of such taxes and/or the documentation related there to, only to the extent required by law.
Installation and training comes with the purchase of each software product, advance scheduling is required.
All costs are based on prices in effect for 60 days from the date of this bid.
Annual service and support includes software updates and support via toll free telephone numbers. The price shown on the quote is for the first year, and is billed quarterly or annually, and is subject to change in subsequent years.
If travel is required, actual expenses are billed as follows: airfare, car rental, lodging and food.  Expenses for travel if driving is billed at  5 cents per mile.
Quikwater billing forms are either postcards or full page bills. Postcards are eight cents each- shipping is included in price.
A ‘standard’ utility billing conversion consists of basic customer account info, account balances, prior months meter readings, and text file comments that can be linked to customer accounts. Availability of data to be converted in useable formats from the current system impact the final data converted and costs associated with conversion.
Automated Bank Drafting, (ACH) may have set up and transaction fees charged by the banking institution that perform this process. This is normally billed by your local bank.
Requirements for Email Bills include high speed internet as well as PDF Factory Pro- cost, approximately 99.95.

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